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ICO-naamWorld of Masters
Begin datummei 27, 2022
Einddatummei 28, 2022
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## What Is World of Masters (WOFM)?
World of Masters is a next-gen, Binance Smart Chain-based version of Tan Minh Chu – the most successful Card Battle game in Vietnam in the first half of 2021 that continuously leads the TOP downloads in March, April, and May on the Appstore.

This is the 4th generation of the highly successful Martial Art Card battle series in Vietnam, developed by HikerGames. The combination of excellent gameplay, graphics, and cutting-edge Blockchain technology will open the next era of the Global GameFi ecosystem.

What is WOFM token ?

$WOFM is a BEP-20 cryptographic token that can be traded through the Binance Smart Chain platform. It is both a World of Masters platform currency and an independent store of value. Using $WOFM for transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping them at the bare minimum.

Players can earn $WOFM through some activities: such as Bounty Hunters, PvE, PvP Tournament, etc. Players need to own 1 NFT Hero to start earning $WOFM

🤑Special Precious Shop - All Items List 🤑

We don’t want you guys waited too long, here are the items listed in the Quick Sale Shop today 😉

Event Time: 5AM UTC 9 August - 23 August


Clan knockout battle to find the champion clan

🎮 The owner or deputy of Guild can optionally choose to enter the boxes to register the starting position of Guild

🎉Reward: According to the rank achieved

🤑 Quick Sale Shop is back Tomorrow 🤑

Event Time: 5AM UTC 4 August

💎 Event Details:
✅ All servers will compete together to buy item packs for the event
✅ Unlimited number of package purchases

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