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Begin datummei 01, 2022
Einddatummei 08, 2022
StageSeed Sale
PlatformBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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is a new innovation to combine Defi, Game and NFT technology with digital market in one Metaverse system. Moreover, it provides passive income for Token and NFT holders in a unique way and a new method.

What makes WOLFILAND different from every other Token?
Buying an NFT is commonplace, and it will be great when they get a real product at a lower price than other markets and free shipping worldwide also
provides an easy shopping experience in the digital metaverse marketplace.

Then what is the importance of WOLFILAND?
As we all know, currently there is no definite limit for a coin/token to experience a decline, because basically liquidity & tokens are made separately and anyone can withdraw the Liquidity, for that reason Smartdefi was created, so that everyone knows what is the base price for a token to go down, because liquidity is directly in the token's smart contract & nothing can withdraw or even reduce liquidity in it.

How Many WOLFILAND Are In Circulation?
There is a maximum supply of 1,945,000 WOLFILAND - but at the time of writing, there is a circulating supply of around 1,653,250.

Overall, about 5% of the total WOLFILAND supply was given to the project founder, 34% was burned and the remaining 51% was distributed to investors.

Where Can You Buy WOLFILAND?
As one of the cryptocurrencies based on the Binance blockchain, you shouldn't have much trouble finding major exchanges to buy WOLFILAND in PancakeSwapV2-Exchange.

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Dear #WSPP Holders @0xPolygon
We will mint WSPP, to create liquidity with @RadioShack
and the LP Token go to burn address !
if you aggree please Vote

#WSPP update
Afther we think's its possible to create project Tweet to earn as #NFT .. Example we do it on @binance
the team will do the best for hackaton Always support us !

Check this Video how to mint the NFT with WSPP or only $0.021

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