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ICO-naamRolaz Gold
Begin datumapril 01, 2022
Einddatummei 31, 2022
PlatformBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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2 Maanden geleden

Rolaz Hedge Fund is the first decentralized investment protocol powered by blockchain. The decentralized investment protocol powers virtually everything from platforms, oracles, dApps to smart contracts and every other integration. The Rolaz Protocol is developed and designed in such a way that it systematically tokenizes investment, natural, and financial assets. Let me introduce Rolaz Gold (rGLD), an asset backed token, the first tokenized product of Rolaz Hedge Fund investment firm. Our current mining operations in South America allow us to offer returns that exceed 50% annually to our investors. Our goal with rGLD is to bring transparency and profitable opportunities that were previously limited to the rich, to everyone denied access to profitable, closed-door investments.

Self-Reported TagsAsset ManagementCommoditiesMedium of ExchangeStore Of ValueDeFiBNB Smart Chain

⁉️The number of tokens is limited, which means it's time to become their owner now.

♻️We control the cost of rGLD, unsold tokens will be burned to keep the cost of the purchase.
#financialservices #financialeducation #tokenrgld

Of course, the market is not stable. But we are doing everything to make our growth schedule similar to the first option. Strength in rGLD 🏆

#token2022 #rgld #goldtoken #buyhere

We aim to form a price of $1.5-2 before the end of the year!

To do this, we are actively developing our community, popularizing the demand for a token. When a Gold Backup Cycle completes, the need for rGLDs rises, which means gold is physically stored. So, it's time to invest!

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