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ICO-naamEx Sports
Begin datumjanuari 10, 2022
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EX Sports is a platform that allows sports fans to buy, trade and sell sports collectible NFTs. Athletes will have sets of their exclusive NFT’s minted and made available to trade on the EX Sports marketplace. Ex Sports has officially partnered with multiple sports federations who represent over 40 niche sports and millions of athletes.

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#Streetfootball has a rich history; it began even before the 19th century. There had been adults and kids alike who played with balls on an open field in Europe, even during the time of the Middle Ages.

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#Powerlifting is a sport of leverages; some people are better built for Conventional Deadlifts, while some are better built for Sumo; the same applies to the Bench Press. These are based upon the individuals strengths, weaknesses, leverages, abilities and preferences.

Dedication. Perseverance. Hard work and the utmost desire to succeed. That's what you need to make it in the #powerlifting world.

#ExSports #IPF #Web3Sports @IPF_tweet #NicheSports #SportNFTs

Powerlifting has been pushing human limits. In the past few years, more and more world records keep getting surpassed.
It is exciting to see the heights the human body can achieve.

#ExSports #Powerlifting #IPF @IPF_tweet #web3sports #nichesports

There are more than 60 different throws in #Judo and #JiuJitsu and several variations of these, perhaps reaching the hundreds. However, most athletes focus on a handful which they try to perfect through constant practice.

#ExSports #jujitsu #grappling #web3sports #nichesports

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ICO-naamEx Sports
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